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(3) CIPC services provided through partners like banks and SST sites are dependent on the availability of such partner(s). If you want to retrieve a Certificate of Confirmation of any other South African Company to view their information, you can also do so by applying for the “CIPC Certificate of Confirmation” on our application form (at the bottom of this page). Visit the CIPC Enquiries system www. This includes but is not limited to the following: Formation of new companies which includes private companies, public companies, non-profit companies, external companies as well as incorporated companies. 1 form and e-mailing it). Once reserved or rejected, you will receive an e-mail indicating the reservation detail for use in filing other documents with the CIPC. A screenshot will be placed after each step to show you the page the step relates to.

Once a name reservation has been approved, the company must lodge a notice of amendment of the memorandum of incorporation (cor15. The manual application form is a Cor 9. To register a business name, you need to complete a CoR 9. you can reserve a name on the CIPC’s website. To apply for the name change of the close corporation, follow these steps: Print and complete the CK2 form. Email us back both signed forms together with certified copies of all directors ID’s. Please be sure to inform the Office by requesting “a change of address for service” on form TM2 in case this address changes.

Type of form : Description: Conditions: CoR 10. Comparison between old forms versus new forms for Close Corporations. CIPC Online Query Management the faster way to be heard. 1 Application to reserve a Name – Name application (CIPC charges R50 per set of 4 names or R75 for manual name applications) CIPC only manual accept manual applications if extra documentation for the name application is required. On CIPC website go to: Additional services > Free Disclosure > Enterprise Search > Option 3 Then search for name as described on the site. Certificate of Confirmation from CIPC (alternative to CK1 or Cor14. Step by Step Guide: How to Change the Name of a Company via eServices Requirements for updating cell phone numbers and email addresses for directors Reminder for customers to file new company registration and directors changes via upload functionality on CIPC website.

Customer registration. 1 E-services (via website) None Manual (completing CoR9. 00 The registered address or office of a company is very important, as it is the address at which any legal documents will be served on the company. 1 Proof that applicant has a material interest in name Defensive Name Reservation R250 – manual R200 – electronic Extension of Defensive Name R50 – manual R30 - electronic Application to transfer a reserved or registered name • CoR11.

Annual Provider Application. If the name is rejected then the form is called a CoR 9. search for enterprises on our register using enterprise name, enterprise number or director ID/passport number. 1: Application for reservation of name or translated name or shortened form of name (only to change the names cipc of existing CCs) Must be accompanied by a filing fee of R75 if filed manually, or R50 if filed electronically; and any relevant documentation or evidence required in terms of Regulation 8. 3 Document) See example here. 4 – Confirmation of approval of company name (we prepare). 1A form word-for-word like it was published in the Companies Regulations.

Step 7: Reservation of Company Name. Due to the fact that certain requirements of the Companies Act, is applicable to Close Corporations, certain of the forms will also apply to Close Corporations. The applicant must show proof that the non-applicant parent(s) have been served with a Notice of Hearing, or if the non-applicant parent cannot be served, then the applicant must publish. CIPC - Change in Registered Address R 650. Certified ID of director giving mandate to CIPC agent.

Click on Print in order to print or save the application. (2) CIPC strives to make the CIPC website available all the time, but there are eventualities beyond CIPC control that has an impact on the availability of the website. In order to change an existing company name, a name must first be reserved. We do not use the CIPC Standard MOI CoR15. Please contact the Department to request a blank copy of theAnnual Provider.

At CM Forms we attend to all necessary work at the CIPC in accordance with the Companies Act including all Resolutions, Regulations and Statutes. 1: Application for Defensive Name Registration: Must be accompanied by a filing fee of R250 if filed manually, or R200 if filed electronically, and evidence of a direct and material interest in the name. The CIPC fixed something that wasn&39;t broken, again.

The process is a two-part process: 1. Once your company has been registered you will have to download your company’s MOI documents from the CIPC website. Defensive name • CoR10. PLEASE NOTE: Field 74 of form TM1 “address for service” is the address at which you will be receiving all the communications from the Office.

Follow these instructions and you will be done in a matter of minutes. Civil Case Cover Sheet (Form CM-010). The name is only approved after the CIPC name reservation processing team has processed the application. CONTACT DETAILS, FORMS & SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS REQUIRED WHEN TRANSACTING WITH CIPC NAME RESERVATIONS Function Forms to complete Supporting documents required E-mail address for filing applications Fees Name reservations CoR9. Your new CIPC customer code has been sent to your. Anybody tried to add or remove directors lately?

Complete the required fields, and attach certified ID copy (not older than three months). When manual name change cipc forms CIPC approves the name the returning digital result is call a CoR 9. Name Change The name change amendment will require a special resolution by the shareholders – as this will mean a change to the Memorandum of Incorporation.

1A, etc) with the Cipc. So we&39;re at it again. The address for service MUST at all times be an address within the.

The forms must be signed by all members of the close corporation. The fee for a manual application is R75 for each name, while electronic is R50. Introduction of new online filing method for changes to authorised share ; Reporting of AFS to be lodged using XBRL ; Guide to submitting applications via dedicated e-mail address ; Forms and supporting documents when transacting with CIPC for Companies and Close Corporations. CIPC Tips and Tricks. MINOR NAME CHANGE: Minn. (Or, if applicable, Order to Show Cause for Change of Name to Conform to Gender Identity (Form NC-125). Log in Preferred Email Address (Optional).

The following forms will be required (we will assist you with the full amendment process): a) CoR 9. Certified ID copy of applicant. As manual name change cipc forms I understand it has to be done electronically as all manual CoR39&39;s submitted during the time of the website change have been discarded. You do not have to either. CIPC only accept manual lodgements in 2 instances: a. Disclosures and lodgments requiring no intervention from CIPC officials can be requested or lodged at any time when the CIPC website is available.

CIPC charges R50 per set of 4 names for electronic lodgements or R75 for manual lodgements. Webinar: 13 August on Name Reservations and Company Registrations. 1 Name Application. 1 Details of the transferor • Reserved name and reservation number as it. Alternatively, if connecting to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager version other than 4. Scan and e-mail the completed, signed and certified documents together with supporting information to Form: Service: Fees Payable (R) CoR 9.

x, the user can enter a free-form device name. As soon as the first proposed company name has been reserved we’ll send you a directors and a poa form to sign. Order to Show Cause for Change of Name (Form NC-120). Website accessibility map to assist navigating the website Quick link to CIPC forms and for a comparison of old vs new forms click here. 10 requires that both parents have notice of an Application for Name Change of their minor child filed with the court. CIPC strives to make the CIPC website available 7 days a week and 24 hours per day but there are interdependencies and events outside of CIPC’s control that may impact website availability. The forms are available for download on the CIPC website. za and click on the Enquiries menu button or use the link Click on "Password reset" on the home page of the Enquiries site.

ENTERPRISE SEARCH search for enterprises on our register using enterprise name, enterprise number or director ID/passport number CONTINUE TO SEARCH. You would then have to submit new names again in the hope of getting your names approved. Please note that any changes to an MOI must be accompanied by a special resolution adopted at a ference Manual. Name application forms: CoR 9. Petition for Change of Name (Form NC-100), including the Attachment to Petition for Change of Name (Form NC-110). Presentation on CIPC Service Access (presented during Webinar 23 July ) Presentation on Technical Support/Troubleshooting; Presentation manual name change cipc forms on the CIPC Enquiries System; Presentation on CIPC Website Navigation; Videos. Type of form : Description: Conditions: CoR 10. CIPC eServices System Welcome to the CIPC eServices system.

Letter from owner of company if associated name is used and if ticked yes at any of the options under item 1(2) or (2). The device name must be less than 15 characters, including alphanumeric characters, dot, manual name change cipc forms dash, and underscores (but no spaces). To transact on this system you must have a valid CIPC customer code. The following is a list of the more important CIPC forms which you need to familiarise yourself with: Name application forms for company registration: 1. We’ll lodge all documents (COR9.

Manual name change cipc forms

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